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The best wall-mount
Snowboard Hanger

No other snowboard storing and displaying solution compares with our unique vertical display system.

Black snowboard 2
Orange Hot Wheels snowboard
Black snowboard
Orange Hot Wheels snowboard
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Hang-It® product packaging

Starting at $39.99



Hang-It® Snowboard Hanger illustration
  • Your snowboard is more than a tool for shredding the slopes—it’s an expression of your personality and individuality. For some riders, a snowboard is a treasured work of art. Whatever your snowboard design, Hang-It® will allow you to neatly display it for all to enjoy—with no obscuring hardware.

  • Thanks to our easy slide-in, slide-out hardware, your snowboard is always ready to help you carve through the powdery snow. 

  • If you or one of your riding buddies accidentally comes in contact with your wall-mounted snowboard, it will remain in place.

  • Unlike other snowboard display racks, our hardware has near-zero contact with the bottom of your board—reducing the likelihood of dings, scratches, or gouges and ensuring a smooth and speedy ride.

Yellow, blue, and black Hang-It® products
Hang-It® product collage

When you aren't shredding the slopes, where does your snowboard hang-out?

Gray snowboard in basement
Green gradient

In the basement?

Cluttered garage
Green gradient 2

On a garage shelf?

Orange snowboard standing in corner
Green gradient 3

By the front door?

Why Not Hang-It®?

Hang-It® allows you to safely and securely display your snowboard, keeping your space neat and tidy.

A Snowboard Display Rack for Today's Rider.

Your snowboard is an extension of your style and passion. With our cutting-edge Hang-It® vertical snowboard display system, you can showcase your board on and off the slopes. Measuring 17” wide, 5” tall, and 1 ¾” deep, Hang-It® is available in a wood, teal, yellow, gray or black-and-white finish.


Keep your Snowboard

Are you tired of your snowboard getting in the way or taking up precious space? Our Hang-It ® wall-mounted storage system displays your snowboard neatly and securely, giving it the love and attention it deserves.

Black Hang-It® shadow
Yellow Hang-It® product

Keep your Snowboard

Where to buy Hang-it®

Our innovative product is available at ski resorts and select retail stores. Or order your Hang-It® directly from our manufacturing company, Kur-non!



  • Our system measures 17” wide, 5” tall, and 1 ¾” deep, fitting any size snowboard. 

  • Many snowboards double as a work of art. Our hanger securely displays your snowboard—with no ugly hardware. Its slide-in, slide-out design makes it easy to remove your snowboard. And with our zero-contact system, you’ll never have to worry about dings,  scratches, or gouges.

  • Yes! Choose from metal, teal, yellow, black-and-white or wood finishes.

  • Hang-it® is manufactured in the USA by Kur-non, an American design and manufacturing company that creates innovative products and solutions for consumers and businesses.

  • Hang-it® is one of several unique solutions designed by Kur-Non to make life better.

  • You can order our product today starting at $39.99. Click on the link above to purchase yours!

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